How orders are processed.

We try to process orders within 24 hours but with the orders flowing in they way they are its taking 7-10(during peak business it can take 7-14 business days) business days for processing.  We average usually 30-40 orders per day via our website, facebook page, ebay and local orders.


1. You submitted your order on the website.

2. We print an invoice and place it into our rack for orders that need a proof or no proof or the rack that is ordering the precut decals.

3. We create a proof.(Usually takes 1-24 hrs to get this done sometimes longer)

4. We email you a proof.

5. We wait for a reply back

6. Once you approve you are put back into the rack for orders pending process.

7. We cut the decal

8. We add the premask

9. We package up the order

10. We weigh the package and print the label.

11. USPS Picks up the packages next day.

12. PayPal emails you a tracking number

13. We email you a tracking number.


Processing is 3 to 5 business days from the time you approve the order.Constantly emailing us asking for an order status is slowing us down. Please allow at least 3 days from date you approve to request a status.Printed items- Printed items have a different shipping cost because they ship from our printing company. We dont ship them ourselves. These orders are submitted to our printing company for printing they take care of the shipping, This is why there is an option for 3 day, 7 day or 14 day. You will receive the order within the time you paid for shipping.We will email you the tracking number once the order ships or the day after it ships.


Once an order ships from us USPS Scans the package that it has been accepted. You can track the packages by going to put in the tracking number. It will tell you the ETA of the package and where your package is.

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